About Stone

Why stone color looks different between stone and pictures

Natural Stone products are created over millennia by the myriad forces of nature. So naturally they have color variations. You will see slightly different colors from slabs/tiles if they are from different blocks, while the color is very consistent if the product is from the same block. Because the color variation is a characteristic created by Mother Nature, when buying stone products, always look at the color variation index or description for that particular stone to gain a basic understanding of its color variation. Fortunately, most stone buyers are experienced professionals who understand this basic character of natural stone products.

However, when the stone products are shown in digital picture format, it becomes a different issue. Most stone pictures are created by digital cameras, which have a problem  reflecting the true color taken in through the lens under the different light conditions. This is particularly problematic when people use a simple snapshot.

Color is a very sensitive issue when people are buying natural stone products. As stone samples are both heavy and expensive to mail people often use digital pictures for customer reference. A good photographer knows how to use customized white balance and other picture editing software to correct stone color, but most  do not master those skills and the pictures sent to the customer are not the true color of that stone. This can lead to a problem if the customer feels he/she did not receive the right products because of an inaccurate picture.

Since color is such a sensitive issue for stone products, if a customer needs to see the true color/texture of a stone, requesting a sample from a supplier is always recommended.

We have tried our best to accurately present our stone colors on this website. All pictures are very close to the natural stones that we offer.