About Us

About Us

Mother Nature has continuously awed man with the limitless variety of her treasures and beauty. Man, in turn, has utilized this bounty in a nearly endless number of ways, ranging from roofing to floorings, exteriors to interiors, walls, and ceilings.

Alliance Minerals offers a broad variety of natural stones, providing the opportunity to bring the beauty of nature into the homes and workplaces of our customers.

Alliance Minerals was formed with the vision of being part of an integrated natural stone supplier. Its commitment and ability to consistently deliver excellent quality materials, is a testament to this realization of this vision.

As trading “zones” became global, and natural stone become more readily available to multiple points in the supply chain, and to the end user, Alliance Minerals has been searching for more innovative and creative way to bridge quarries, factories and distribution of natural stone. Driving this innovation was also the recognition that commoditization of natural stone has occurred because of access to knowledge and need for expedited communication between all points in the supply chain.

Removing stone from the ground or the mountain is one thing; removing it from the ground, producing and transporting high quality stone from the ground, to the factory, to the customer’s hand is another. Alliance Minerals cares about every step needed to move the products to the customer from the production line, with the most efficient course of delivery and customer service. With a combination of searching stable and reliable sources, innovative and creative IT solution and dedicated people from a mix of cultural and language backgrounds, Alliance Minerals is able to bring nature’s beauty to all people.