Antique Brown

Pictures represent typical color/patterns of the named product. Natural stone products are created by nature and are subject to color/pattern variation. Approved images per order will prevail.

(AKA: Brown Antique)


  • Granite

    Pattern Variation

  • Low

    Color Family

  • Brown


  • Angola

    Forms Available

  • Slab
  • Monument Stone
  • Tile
  • Cut to Size

    Suggested Application

  • Interior and Exterior

    Finishes Available

  • Various - Ask us for details


Country of Origin: Angola

Slab sizes: 108" x 68" and above.

Pattern consistency: Low. Slabs are usually found with inconsistent large flower type pattern. The size of the flowery pattern may differ from slab to slab or even within the slab. Slabs may sometimes have brown color thin vein running across.

Product highlight: Dark Brown background with large silver shining flakes. This product often comes with fissures which are filled with epoxy while processing and are acceptable in that quality. Slabs with filled fissures in this product are considered as 'Prime grade' if all other quality aspects are met.

Color consistency: Medium. Ranges from very dark brown to normal brown.

Glossiness: This product takes normal polish on the surface.

Availability: Limited availability.

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