Brown Fantasy

Pictures represent typical color/patterns of the named product. Natural stone products are created by nature and are subject to color/pattern variation. Approved images per order will prevail.

(AKA: Fantasy Brown)


  • Marble

    Pattern Variation

  • High

    Color Family

  • Brown


  • India

    Forms Available

  • Slab
  • Monument Stone
  • Tile
  • Cut to Size

    Suggested Application

  • Interior and Exterior

    Finishes Available

  • Various - Ask us for details


Country of Origin: India Slab sizes: 98" x 59" and above.

Pattern consistency: Low. Slabs have high movements and pattern variations.

Product highlight: Light background color with dark grey and brown movements. Very strong marble. Slabs will always have fissures, it is a inherent nature of marble stone.

Color consistency: Medium. Comes in two shades, light brown and dark brown. We always prefer the dark brown type as the light brown looks washed off. Some slabs have an issue with white lines which when polished does not show, however when it is in leather finish it looks like a crack, but is not a crack.

Glossiness: This product takes a medium degree of polish on the surface. Usually polished by hand machines and so the glossiness is not too high.

Availability: Limited availability.

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