Giblee Gold

Pictures represent typical color/patterns of the named product. Natural stone products are created by nature and are subject to color/pattern variation. Approved images per order will prevail.


  • Granite

    Pattern Variation

  • Low

    Color Family

  • Gold


  • India

    Forms Available

  • Slab
  • Tile
  • Cut to Size

    Suggested Application

  • Interior and Exterior

    Finishes Available

  • Various - Ask us for details


Country of Origin: India

Slab sizes: 108" x 68" and above.

Pattern consistency:  Medium. Movements can be found on slabs.

Product highlight: Light Brown, almost light gold background colour with light black / grey movement.

Colour consistency: Medium. The colouration from block to block might change. The change is very minimal and usually the customers accept the slabs with these small changes.

Glossiness: This product takes a high degree of polish on the surface.

Availability: The slabs are processed at the factory on a regular basis.

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